lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Bio (for OGB elections)

- First career: Electronic Engineering.
- Second career: Information Systems Engineering.

Work experience:
- Sisteco (Wang in Argentina) as laboratory engineer.
- IBM (Andalucia, Spain) as field engineer for RS/6000, mainframes, AS/400 and other goodies.
- Sade, Engineering & Constructions (back to Argentina) as...some sort of servo-controlled systems engineer.
- Sisteco (yes, again!) as field engineer.
- Argentina (SunService in Argentina) as a field engineer.
- Banknet S.A. (Sun Microsystems Financial Vertical Market reseller) as IT Manager.
- Telefónica Moviles Argentina (now Movistar) as CTO.
- Oracle Argentina as Core Technologies Senior Consultant.
- Currently, at Verizon Business Argentina as Project Manager.

Other groups and affiliations:
- LUGAr (Linux User Group of Argentina), as founder and now...the oldest member! - more than 15 years working and having fun.
- Currently, at CaFeLUG (Capital Federal Linux Users Group), as founder and...oldest guy too (I feel OLD) - I cannot remember how much time...more than 10 years for sure.
- Currently, at AOSUG (Argentina OpenSolaris Users Group), as founder and actual leader for more than 4 years.
- Currently, Greek Tragedy workshops for 5 years.

Tech Talks:
- "PostgreSQL" at Palermo University.
- "MySQL Internals" at Belgrano University.
- "Glassfish" at La Plata National Engineering University.
- "OpenSolaris Virtualization" several times, at Buenos Aires University (Engineering), LUGFI (Linux Users Group - Engineering University).
- "Cloud Computing" several times, at Verizon Business Argentina.

- Currently, and for 10 months, I write OpenSolaris articles for Tuxinfo magazine (
- Firewalls, for AULA Project (AULA = Classroom in Spanish).

- Siemens prize for the best electronics technician. But I was very young, now to repair my radio i driving me crazy...
- Performance prize at Telefónica because of the design and implementation of the Prepaid real time telecommunications system. My cell phone still works when he wants.
- A strange prize at Verizon Business for a series of Cloud Computing tech talks. Sorry, Larry...

Our future plans for 2010 (AOSUG):
- Participate in Flisol 2010 (Latinamerican Free Software Installation Festival, normally almost 300 people per city).
- Give tech talks at CaFeCONF (Open Source conference, typically more than 1500 people).
- Organize SFD'2010 as we did last year (more than 300 people last year only in Buenos Aires).
- Give tech talks as JRSL'2010 (Regional Free Software Annual Conference, normally more than 2500 people in two days).
- Help schools and universities to build their Open Source laboratories and classrooms.
- Continue having monthly meetings.
- Help the community grow, and grow, and grow. And have a lot of fun while learning, and teaching.

My other stuff:
- Love old movies, classic books, cinema, coffee.
- Collect clocks.
- TaeKwonDo (I'm II Dan now).

Collective Relationships
Collective type Collective Relationship
Community Group advocacy Leader
Electorate advocacy electorate Core Contributor
User Group aosug Leader
Community Group device_drivers Participant
Project es Participant
Community Group ha-clusters Participant
Community Group int_localization Participant
User Group neaosug Leader
Community Group pm Participant
Project portals Participant
Community Group sw-porters Participant
Project usecase Participant
Community Group zfs Participant
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